Mood For a Day

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    One of my all-time favorite guitar pieces, “Mood For a Day” by Steve Howe. Enjoy!  

Love of My Life

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“Love of My Life” by Queen seems to be one of the most beautiful love songs of all time, but if you pay close attention to the lyrics they are actually quite depressing….  My solution? Cut the lyrics out and create an acoustic guitar arrangement 🙂 Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day!

Best Band Ever!!

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It’s funny how there’s that one friend who you have so much in common with its scary! One of my best friends has the exact same musical taste that I have and we seem to discover the same type of album at the same time. I’ll get into Bruford and he’ll get into Brand X […]

Of Angels’ Eggs and Octave Doctors

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It’s kind of interesting how everyone has a certain association with a style of music. When I tell people I play progressive rock they often assume that my music sounds like Dream Theatre, and if I say it’s more towards fusion they think I mean Mike Stern. I don’t think my music sounds like neither, […]

The Journey Begins

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A few years ago, while hanging out one night with some friends talking about music and our favorite guitar players, one of them asked me all of the sudden what made me want to play music. That was a hard question to answer since there were various elements throughout my life that drove me towards […]

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