Beautiful Art Rock By Blank Manuskript

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I recently came across Blank Manuscript, a fantastic Art Rock group from Austria. Nice to hear some fresh and original music. Check out their track “Public Enemy”, very cool stuff!

Good Afternoon

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This was really a blast to record!!! I was very fortunate to find such good friends and talented musicians like Danny Abowd and Jesse Gottlieb. We really enjoyed working on “Morning Sun” together, and I think this footage from the “Good Afternoon” sessions is proof 🙂 Even though we are on different sides of the […]

Welcome To The Machine

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“Welcome To The Machine” is such a unique song, one of my all time favorites by Pink Floyd! Here is an acoustic guitar cover I recorded. Enjoy!  

In My Life

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  I can never get enough Beatles in my system!! It is really difficult to pick a favorite song, and my choice will probably change every week or so…. But “In My Life” is definitely a top contender. Here’s my version of it. Enjoy!    

The Other Other Side

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  A few years ago, a little while after graduating from Berklee, I moved to NYC to check out the music scene with the hopes of collaborating with new and exciting musicians. I figured I’ll go to jam sessions, check out various shows, connect with other Berklee grads who moved down to New York, and […]

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