Welcome To The Machine

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“Welcome To The Machine” is such a unique song, one of my all time favorites by Pink Floyd! Here is an acoustic guitar cover I recorded. Enjoy!  

In My Life

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  I can never get enough Beatles in my system!! It is really difficult to pick a favorite song, and my choice will probably change every week or so…. But “In My Life” is definitely a top contender. Here’s my version of it. Enjoy!    

The Other Other Side

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  A few years ago, a little while after graduating from Berklee, I moved to NYC to check out the music scene with the hopes of collaborating with new and exciting musicians. I figured I’ll go to jam sessions, check out various shows, connect with other Berklee grads who moved down to New York, and […]

Mood For a Day

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    One of my all-time favorite guitar pieces, “Mood For a Day” by Steve Howe. Enjoy!  

Love of My Life

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“Love of My Life” by Queen seems to be one of the most beautiful love songs of all time, but if you pay close attention to the lyrics they are actually quite depressing….  My solution? Cut the lyrics out and create an acoustic guitar arrangement 🙂 Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day!

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