Of Angels’ Eggs and Octave Doctors

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It’s kind of interesting how everyone has a certain association with a style of music. When I tell people I play progressive rock they often assume that my music sounds like Dream Theatre, and if I say it’s more towards fusion they think I mean Mike Stern. I don’t think my music sounds like neither, and the way I see it the terms progressive rock or fusion really just mean blending different musical styles together, which can take on many different forms.

Some of my favorite bands really threw everything into the mix at times. The Beatles blended rock, classical and Indian music. Gong blended rock, jazz and Indian music. Yes blended rock with classical and Frank Zappa blended everything! I just love that!

Many of the great bands of the ’60s and ’70s had a special connection to world music, mainly Indian. We all know all about The Beatles’ days in Rishikesh, but obviously they weren’t the only ones. Didier Malherbe of Gong also traveled to India to study bansuri flutes, and of course there’s John Mclaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti.

My fascination with the way Indian compositions evolve slowly, and are full of atmosphere turned into my own homage to The Beatles and Gong. My second album “Look Back Step Forward” features an arrangement I did which combines George Harrison’s classic “Within You Without You” and Gong’s incredible psychedelic jam “A Sprinkling of Clouds”. My track is called “Within The Clouds” (it was either that or “Without A Sprinkling”….) which I’m happy to share with you as a way of saying THANKS for being a subscriber.  

Download Within The Clouds here

Or if you like you can stream it here

If you like what you heard and want to hear some more of my Indian inspired compositions, including the wonderful bansuri flute playing of Jay Gandhi, you might want to check out  my latest album Morning Sun, I hope it would have made the late greats George Harrison and Daevid Allen proud 🙂

Stay tuned for more music


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