Best Band Ever!!

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It’s funny how there’s that one friend who you have so much in common with its scary! One of my best friends has the exact same musical taste that I have and we seem to discover the same type of album at the same time. I’ll get into Bruford and he’ll get into Brand X (who’s keyboard player produced Bruford’s first album). I’ll get into Zappa In New York and he’ll get into Zappa’s Roxy and Elsewhere….

One difference between us is that he always gets so excited about the band he’s listening to that he’ll say “they are the best band that ever existed”! I heard him saying that about several different bands 🙂

It does make we wonder though… who is the greatest band of all time? Or even the greatest lineup? Zappa’s in New York or Roxy lineup? Crimson’s Red or In the Court line up? Yes’ Fragile or Relayer lineup? The list goes on and on….

I would love to hear some of your all time favorites so please comment bellow or shoot me an email. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this and maybe discovering some bands I haven’t heard of in the process 😉

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